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Finally, After Five Long Years…

The problem with this blog and http://eliminationcommunication.wordpress.com blog not showing up in the WordPress reader has been fixed!    It seems that I may have been posting too consistently back in the day for a very, strange, unknown topic and I got flagged as spam for both blogs!

I know it has been a problem.   I just couldn’t find a solution, was unsuccessful in getting help, and gave up.   I purchased a domain name for my new blog http://www.laissezfairelife.com, and an opportunity came up and the problem got fixed in twenty minutes.).   You can now also follow The Other Side of the Moon and Pottytunities for Two on Bloglovin.

Thank you for following and for your patience over the years!


Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 239

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 8:  Monkey Climbing and Training Pants

10/19 Day 239 F:  Another night EC success.   We only had one miss and if I recall correctly two big wee catches.    Big wee wee means his bladder is quite empty and he doesn’t need to pee again so soon.    I’m a bit stuffy sounding but this cootie seems to be very mild and a minor annoyance so far.   Itty Bitty’s nose is better today and Mini Moose seems totally unaffected.

Itty Bitty has usually been sleeping in an extra hour to hour and a half, but today both of them were ready at 8:30AM.   A good thing, since Daddy Man accidentally shut off his alarm instead of hitting snooze and I had to wake him to go to work.   He’s got a scratchy throat too but none the worse for wear.

I decided to go to a Friday story hour at our usual library just to get Itty Bitty out for an hour.    It is very cold and rainy out.    There was songs to sing and a Halloween craft.   I think it is supposed to be an hour but it seemed to zip by in the 40 minutes we were there so I think they didn’t realize the pacing.   Daddy Man cam home early by about three hours and he spent the late afternoon playing with a delighted Itty Bitty who at one point pet him and say, “I missed you Daddy.  You go at work.   You play with me?”   Mini Moose was happy just crawling around finding bits on the floor and then later destroying an apple core.

Our outing was dry.   At home, there were three poops today and three misses.    We caught a lot of pee, but also missed several little ones and a big after nap one.   Totally my fault, I made the mistake of trying to entice more sleeping and he had to pee…so he did what I encouraged.  Went back to sleep just after peeing on me.  He woke up in the first place for a reason, duh!

I finally got a chance to blog a review of the L’il Baby Chaps by EC Wear today too.

Today’s Chore:   Litter Box (again), clean stove top, sweep floor (necessary to get up all the rice box rice off the floor)

Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 238

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 8:  Monkey Climbing and Training Pants

Covered for going out on errands another day.

10/18 Day 238 R:  I think Daddy Man gave me cooties again.  My throat is scratchy and I’m stuffy…so is Itty Bitty.       We only had one miss last night and three catches!   Yah!     On top of that we had a really big morning wee catch after we got up.

Because I am unsure of our cootie status, we did not go to the Kid’s Gym today.  Itty Bitty’s nose has been less than pretty looking and I don’t think it is nice to leave snot all over play equipment.     We stayed in and I gave her a narrow neck glass bottle for the rice box and she amused herself for quite some time filling it and emptying it. burying a one eared ceramic bunny figurine and “cooking”.   Mini Moose was quite tired and clingy from his long night of nursing.

Boy, this nipple bleb is such a pain in my life.   Ugh!

It was quite funny when Itty Bitty, exhausted from trying to get more attention from a very, very tired mommy was “reading” a book on the stairs and prompty fell asleep!     She woke up a little disorientated and quite surprised that she’d been accosted by the sandman.   Mini Moose chose that time to wake up so I didn’t get the nap I was hoping for!

He also pooped FOUR times.   We caught one, but the other three were very unexpected poop grenades.  I’m not sure where he was hiding it.   He does try to produce when I potty him, but he doesn’t quite have it mastered yet.  Oh well, at least the biggest one went in the toilet.   Our catch rate otherwise was pretty typical 70:30      Our pee misses, by the way, aren’t always full misses.  More often than not he might pee a little and then we catch the rest in the toilet.

Today’s Chore:  Dishes and Quick sweep floor
Dinner:  Organic Macaroni and Cheese and Bone In Chicken Breast in convection oven.

Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 237

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 8:  Monkey Climbing and Training Pants

Mini Moose will soon have the strength to climb up there with Itty Bitty.

10/17 Day 237 W:   Our night was a bust as far as catches since I was practically in a sleep coma.   Mini Moose was either wet when he woke me up, or I would wake up, note he was dry and must need to go, and then dream I pottied him already!  Freaky.

Itty Bitty slept in so I made Mini Moose a water soda bottle with bits of odds and ends I found while doing a quick pickup.  After Itty Bitty woke up and got dressed, I was about to leave the house on time to make it to story hour early when Mini Moose crawls into the bathroom distressed (he had already had two big pees in the toilet that morning ) and I see that he’s had a big orange poo.  Nooooooo!

We were five minutes late sinceI had to wash Mini Moose’s butt in the bathroom sink.  It was not a cloth wipe situation!

After story hou and finger painting, we went to lunch on the way to a playdate across town.  So from 10:30 to 3:30 we had no misses, two outside pees, and three bathroom pees.    We got home around 4:00 and I parked in my driveway and let them sleep for an hour and a half and I just sat in the car and twiddled my thumbs ans daydreamed.     Moose had a pee in the bathroom after he woke up and Itty Bitty (the neverending pit of energy) wanted to go outside to play!      I complied reluctantly.  I was tired and it was getting cold as the sun was going down.     I think this time I was the one who was whining!    I moaned, “Aren’t you tiiiiiiired?  I’m exhausted!  We’ve been out all daaaaaay.  I want to go in the hooooouse, it’s cold sweetie!”

Not my finest moment, but in my defense I think Daddy Man gave me a cootie and everyone napped except me!    I couldn’t nap in the car because there was a dude mowing the school grass right beside the house.   My kids can sleep through noise, but I can’t fall asleep with it.

Anyway, the rest of the evening was a 60:40 catch rate.  Daddy Man and Itty Bitty did the recycling chore so I didn’t have to!   YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Today’s chore:   wash laundry and diaper laundry
Unexpected chore:   litter boxes  (gross-a-roo)

Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 236

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 8:  Monkey Climbing and Training Pants

Working Together

10/16 Day 236 T:   Fantabulous EC night with no misses!    Though the reason is 80% because Mini Moose only needed to wee three times from 11:30 until 8AM when we got up because he didn’t nurse quite as much.

Today’s chore:  Clear Mount Doom  (aka laundry).

So there’s been a leaning tower of laundry in the living room for a week and a growing mountain on an overflowing laundry basket that I had separated into piles of  lights, whites and darks while fending Mini Moose off the catfood bowl with a foot two days ago and left them there in the hall.     I set my watch for thirty minutes and went to task putting a load in the washer and folding the laundry pile in the living room.   I tried to go fast before Mini Moose got tired of eating a sock and before Itty Bitty woke up at 9:30.

Today’s outing:  Operation Outfit (Moose has no winter outerwear and no long sleeve shirts or hats that fit properly)  and Kid’s Gym

While I know there are a few long sleeve shirts in Itty Bitty’s baby thing, mostly their sizes are opposite seasons at this age.   The two hats we have are knit and fit, but get pulled off with no chin strap.   Itty Bitty has a sweatshirt that is too small for her but really big on him.   We did score big at Children’s Place with 2 long sleeve thermal tees, 2 long sleeve regular tees, 2 fleece outerwear (one for this year and one bigger for next or for layering), 2 fleece hats with ear flaps and chin strap, and one long tee for Itty Bitty — all for 54 US dollars after markdown and discount coupon.  Go me!    I got one size larger so the thermals and tees should last the whole fall, winter and spring!

Itty Bitty was starved by the time we were done and Moose napped in the Mei Tai and car the whole time.   I stopped to pick up some homemade chili for Itty Bitty on the way to the gym.   She got out some energy which was good, but then drank water too fast and gave herself a belly ache — poor thing!

Moose had a bathroom potty opp and an outside wee then a pee at home.   Darned if the boy didn’t stealth poo me again!  But we used maybe 4 prefolds all evening which is great so…bam!

I also have to say that this new one or two chores a day is really helping me destress.  I know that some rare people delight in chores, but for me the mundane, the monotony, the tedious nature of the same routine day-in and day out  like Sisyphus eternally doomed — makes me seriously depressed.   I need to know that my life isn’t going o be wasted on dust, scum, scuzz, and drier lint.   Sure, I get that my modern environment means I don’t have to forage, build a shelter, or watch out for predators…BUT that how I am biologically built.  THAT is what comes natural.  I am not made to endure vacuum tedium which produces neither the hormone of love nor the hormone of energetic rush.   It doesn’t even get the happy glee hormone.

Viva La Strike!

Oh, and when Daddy Man got home he picked up one of the two remaining laundry piles and attempted to put it in the wash and switch the clothes from washer to drier ,but the drier was being a stupid non-drying beast.   But just the attempt without being asked took away such a big load of stressed that I practically skipped down the cellar later to switch the clothes.

Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 235

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 8:  Monkey Climbing and Training Pants

Leg Warmer Season!

10/15 Day 235 M:   We had a night full of misses but also a morning full of catches, well, except for a “Really!?” Poop.   The R!?P is the poop where you take them to the bathroom and hold them over the toilet and they fart so much it echos off the bowl.  You wait a minute for them to finish grunting and then decide you are tired of breathing in farts and have to pee yourself before your eyeballs float away o you back teeth.   So you replace the prefold, put the baby down, and try to have a nice solo bladder emptying moment.   Just as you are in the middle of your moment getting ready to sigh with happy relief, your baby is staring at you with big, Kewpie eyes and “bbrrrrrrrraaaaappppppptttttt”.     And you stare back and say, “Really!?”

And if that wasn’t confounding enough, and hour or two later one of our cats knocked over my freshly pumped 4.5 ounces of milk (a fantastic morning haul from Turbo Boob) which I needed for work tonight.   I can only pump exactly what I need!   My best output is first thing in the morning, only one side produces for the pump, my single electric is on its last legs, and afternoons usually nothing or very little.     The only thing that saved me was a 2 ounce pump output from Thursday when I got home from work and was engorged.  Oh, I was so mad!    The cat knew it too and she slunk off upstairs to pout and nap the day away.

Today’s chore was:  clear counters while wearing Mini Moose on my back which was 50% successful for the chore and 100% successful nap and EC

Itty Bitty was very attention clingy and then took an early 1:00 nap after her several attempts to make sit on her sleeping brother and to incessantly roll herself burrito in the blanket I was using.  Looking back, I think she just wanted to cuddle close, but makes bizarre decisions when she’s sleepy.   I felt bad for snapping at her, but now I know hat she was attempting.

Daddy Man was home early so I got to take a long shower before work.  He plead with me to pump again and wasn’t convinced that I couldn’t produce any ore after managing to get 2 more ounces earlier.   Four ounces for the 4 hours I was gone would have to do!     GMa came to visit so Itty Bitty got one-on-one attention which was great.  When I got home Daddy Man said he caught a big poop after a fart waning!  Yay!   On the downside GMa got peed on BIG.   We need to remind her to put him down or give him a pee break every 45 minutes to an hour.   Because she was soaked, he HAD been holding it a while.

Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 234

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 8:  Monkey Climbing and Training Pants

Hey, Sis. You aren’t going to finish that pancake are you?

10/14 Day 234 Su:  No misses last night!   I still am not well rested but this too shall pass.  Moose woke after the first 3 hours and did a nurse and pee, the he woke and nursed 2 hours after that dry and not needing to pee, and 2 hours after that he needed to pee big and nursed big too.    We didn’t have any misses until 5AM and the each hour until I decided to get out of bed at 8AM when I realized it was raining and all the cleaned toys that were outside were getting soaked (they are very old!).

I spread two towels and am trying to wrangle a very angry Moose who is delighted with the look of the choking hazards while I set them out to dry.   Among the flooded was an old 1972 Mattel Putt Putt Wood train, Ideal Toys 1974 Friction Car, a 1950s Marx Toys Lazy Day Farm and Fort Apache, various 1970s Fischer Price Little People, some die cast cars, army men, and other figures.    Daddy Man was awakened by the commotion of an excited Itty Bitty and mad moose.

He didn’t look like he went to bed at a reasonable hour!

I finished sorting while he had the littles and then he went to get us some muffins while I fed Moose.   We had misses left and right and only a couple of catches.     We didn’t really synch up until after Moose took a nap (Daddy Man took a 3 hour nap in the meantime).     Itty Bitty amused herself with some of the “new” old toys, but was still vying for some attention so when Daddy Man got up she ponced on him immediately and I told them to play with Fort Apache to see how it held up.    They got the bright idea to knock over the figures with water so I spread open one of the towels from earlier and Itty Bitty was pleased with the game.

I got many after nap pees and missed the poop.  Dagnabbit!

Dinner:  Bucket ‘o Chicken

Bad I know, I know.  I’m trying to do a sanity reset though!